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Ni is a tantra therapists based in London. I trained at the International Institute of Tantra. My training I have gained three levels of training – Tantra, Psychoanalysis, and The Chakra System. I follow the practice of LESS – LOVE, EMOMTION, SELF, SEX to focus exploration and surrender to bodily pleasures. I offer a non-judgemental, shame free space, which offers a safe space to explore Love, Emotions, Self, Sex to experience and expand pleasures throughout your whole body.

Session focus

Tantra Body – full body massage
Chakra Healing
Lingam Massage

You are invited to be an active receiver in terms of maintaining awareness by using breath, sound and movement. My sessions also provide an empowering opportunity for you to voice what you need, within the discussed boundaries of what I offer.

For more information email directly.

Contact: info@tantrismsexualitatis.co.uk

Jennifer James: Tantra Teacher, Counsellor, healer and Sexologist

Jennifer Studied Tantra at many Tantra schools over the last 13 years, some of the most recognisable are:

The International Institute of Tantra Auz, The School of Awakening, Skydancing Tantra, Diamond Light Tantra, The path of transformation

She is formally qualified in Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu, Chakra Healing, Sexology, NLP, Life Coaching, Counselling and psychology, Tantra Teacher. 

 She is informally qualified in working with people from all walks of life with a wide range of desires, goals, traumas and psychological issues over the last 13 years. So, graduating from the school of life has accumulated a hugely vast knowledge of practical hands on experience, constantly evolving with her clients. 

Jennifer is passionate and gifted as a healer and constantly creates new intuitive ways of healing and guidance that are tested and proven successful over many years.  

Contact: info@tantracourselondon.com